Chris Magera grew up with a mobility disability. As a child, she had multiple surgeries, but as an adult, she has worked hard to maintain an independent personal and professional lifestyle. Chris lives with her husband, Dale, on a farm with many animals. She enjoys horseback riding, camping, rafting, and entertaining her five grandchildren. Professionally, Chris works full-time in a leadership position for a very busy regional healthcare system and enjoys her work.

While walking into work this winter, Chris slipped and fell on the ice, sustaining a distal femur fracture. The injury required a very complex surgical repair, and post-operatively Chris experienced great difficulty with mobility. She knew that to return home safely, she had to be stronger. Inpatient rehabilitation offered Chris that opportunity.

When asked why she chose Rehabilitation Hospital of the Northwest (RHN), Chris said, “I live in Idaho and have worked with RHN for many years. I know the quality of their work and have had many friends and some family utilize RHN’s services over the years. To me, RHN was the ONLY choice.” 

When reflecting on her experience, Chris found her expectations weren’t just met, but exceeded. “I was so well cared for, from nursing, PCTs, therapies, the kitchen team, and everyone else. The overall environment at RHN promotes healing and positivity.” 

Chris also spoke of many staff that impacted her stay at RHN, from several nurses who went above and beyond to assist with her pain, especially at night, to the biggest connection she formed with Jenelle, a physical therapist. “She challenged me every day to try just a little more and helped me with the confidence I needed to get up and move.” Chris stated that she also would like to recognize Alyssa, one of RHN’s occupational therapists. “Alyssa has such a no-nonsense way about her and really thinks outside the box on how to accomplish things. With her help, I had no doubts I could manage at home and in the kitchen.” Finally, Chris wanted to recognize Tim, RHN’s van driver. “We had some adventures for sure. He was so attentive and there was a lot of snow to deal with, but he just took it in stride and got me where I needed to go. He truly watched out for me. He was such a pleasure to be around,” she said.

Success for Chris is getting outside again, walking greater distances without pain, riding her horse again, and returning to work fully. Since leaving RHN, Chris has achieved her goals one by one. She has gone from wheelchair level to a walker and now walking with a cane, and she has put away all of the durable medical equipment in her house. “I am driving. I am socializing. I am going in to work in-person a day per week.”

Chris loves to travel and looks forward to some of the “bucket list” trips she has planned with her husband. She also has a new kayak just waiting for her to take it to the river. 

“We are very fortunate in north Idaho to have RHN,” Chris stated. “The services they provide to our community are top-notch. The staff at RHN truly care about the patient. I can’t recommend them high enough.”