Patient Outcomes Exceed National Average

Rehabilitation Hospital of the Northwest exceeds national benchmarks in patient clinical outcomes.

The benchmarks, which are reviewed and provided by the Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation, compare patient outcomes of rehabilitation hospitals throughout the nation.

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*The FIM™ instrument is a measure of disability that classifies patients by their ability to carry out an activity independently, set against their need for assistance from another person or device. The FIM™ instrument measures self-care, bladder/bowel management, transfers, mobility/locomotion and cognitions. Lower scores mean greater dependence.


Case Mix Index: the acuity level of patients Average
FIM™ Change: difference between admission and discharge FIM™ scores
ALOS: average length of stay for patients in this impairment category
ALOS Efficiency: average FIM™ change per day
Discharge to Community: percentage of patients discharged to their homes